What We Do

Varuna is Australia's national residential writers' house in the former home of writers Eleanor and Dr Eric Dark. In 1989 their son Mick Dark gifted their home to the Australian public through The Eleanor Dark Foundation.

Since 1989 Varuna, the National Writers' House has inspired the creation of new Australian writing and provided support for a thriving writing community and growing Alumni.

Today the founding Objectives of The Eleanor Dark Foundation are realized through a number of programs and initiatives:


Varuna, the National Writers House Residential Program

The Varuna Residential Program supports intensive work, conversation and community for writers at all levels of experience and across a wide range of writing practice. The program runs continuously throughout the year with up to five writers, each with an identified project, invited to be in residence at Varuna at any one time.


Varuna, the National Writers House Community Engagement

Varuna, the Writers’ House is committed to developing Australia’s living literary culture and works within the broader community to deliver and promote a range of strategic initiatives.

Annual Report

Our annual report summarises our goals and achievements for each year, and provides a great overview of Varuna's programs. You can view the annual report for 2017 here.


Varuna is governed by a dedicated team that is overseen by a volunteer Board of Management, with day-to day operations led by the Varuna Staff who are supported by Varuna Consultants.


Thank You

This work is made possible through the support of an amazing crew of Volunteers and the generosity and vision of our Sponsors and Partners.


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