on 12 October, 2015

Congratulations to Lucy Treloar

Congratulations to Alumna Lucy Treloar on the publication of her book Salt Creek (Panmacmillan, August 2015).

Salt Creek, 1855, lies at the far reaches of the remote, beautiful and inhospitable coastal region, the Coorong, in the new province of South Australia. The area becomes home to Stanton Finch and his large family, including fifteen-year-old Hester Finch. Cut adrift from the polite society they were raised to be part of, Hester and her siblings make connections with passing travellers and the Ngarrindjeri people they have dispossessed. Stanton's attempts to tame the harsh landscape bring ruin to the Ngarrindjeri people, and unleash a chain of events that will tear the family apart.

Lucy Treloar is the winner of the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize (Pacific Region) and the 2013 Writing Australia Unpublished Manuscript Award

‘Brilliant… In its larger compass, Salt Creek refigures the historical novel in Australia, compelling us to unfix assumptions about frontier life, domestic and economic, relations between men and women, and generations, European and indigenous people.’ Peter Pierce, The Australian

‘The story she tells is utterly compelling and almost mythic.’ Caroline Baum, Booktopia

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