on 12 November, 2015

Congratulations to Pam Mariko

Congratulations to Pam Mariko on the self-publication of RED MOON: SECRETS OF A SIXTIES SCHOOLGIRL

Red Moon: secrets of a sixties schoolgirl, is a ‘coming of age’ novel, based on the author’s life in the mid 1960s, UK: a world of pirate radio, Beatles, duke boxes, suspenders and a horse called Flash, set against fog and furnaces to final sunshine. This journey through the dark ‘night of the soul’ is an evocation of childhood rebellion, discontent and decisions, which will take some baby boomers down memory lane.
...Andrea Hampton is going to break through the north midland gloom and her fog of misery her way. She’ll get young John Lennon look-alike, Brendan James, and lose her virginity. But Andrea hasn’t planned on being a fourteen-year-old mum, or, on the move south to London – where life could be fun...
Chimney columns mirror the pillars of opposites inherent in life’s situations – and within the self. Ultimately, it’s an uplifting story set during a unique time in history

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