on 17 November, 2015

Congratulations to Penelope Hanley

On the publication of Inspiring Australians: The first fifty years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015.

Book launch details below

‘A good story deepens the heart.’ For fifty years the Churchill Trust has been giving ordinary Australians the opportunity to study overseas in the areas of health, education, agriculture, the environment, the arts and more, and to enrich their communities with what they have learned. Inspiring Australians tells the story of the Churchill Trust and the travels and achievements of selected Churchill Fellows, creative people in a vast range of fields. Interviews with Churchill Fellows from the last five decades give insights into the lives of people who have followed their passions and changed their own lives and the lives of others for the better. These stories of enthusiastic and dedicated people demonstrate some of the benefits brought to Australian society by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Initially I said no to the offer of the book commission to write the history of the Churchill Trust. I had a four-day a week job, writing for the National Rural Health Alliance, and I realised I wouldn’t have time to do both. But eventually I accepted, and was so glad I did. The research was fascinating and I loved writing this book. The Fellows were passionate about their field and I met such wonderful people – e.g., a hand-made shoemaker, an architect, the teacher in charge of a sustainable high school, and a group of young lads in a high security prison in Victoria who were part of Anne Hooker’s ‘Youth Unit’ and who, because of her courses, won’t behave with the recidivism that so many people who have been to prison do. The only negative thing was being able to present only a tiny fraction of the 4,000 Churchill Fellows from fifty years of the Trust, but I tried to make the Fellows in the book representative of the wife variety of fields characteristic of the Trust.

Book Launch

Join Author Penelope Hanley and ABC radio broadcaster Alex Sloan for the Canberra launch of this compelling history of the Churchill Trust. The book includes an introductory chapter by Graham Freudenberg, the acknowledged expert on Churchill and Australia.
Monday 30 November, 6 pm
Bookshop, free (includes refreshments)
Book signing to follow
Bookings: here or (02) 6262 1424

Books can be ordered from the Churchill Trust Shop