on 04 January, 2016

Congratulations to Joanne McCarron

Silvery Elms, The Kaleidoscope, by Alumna Joanne M McCarron, was published by ASA, December 2015.

NEVER FORGET... Ava, David and Chris looked at the words written on the side of the kaleidoscope. Never forget what? The sentence wasn't finished. Some of the words were missing.

When Chris meets a mysterious woman in white beneath a prunis tree on Silvery Elms and David finds an unusual kaleidoscope in Great Aunt Mary's old house they are lead to a wonderful courtyard in a land called Aartemia. There they meet the fairy-princess, Ava, a girl with an intimate beauty and a quizzical interest in all things. Guided by King Alexander and Queen Brianna, the great white tigress Tamika - Ava's guardian - along with Elyse the mermaid, Gadrian the dragon, and the wisest of all the elves, The Story Keeper, the children set out on a quest to find the owner of the magic kaleidoscope and learn what it is they're meant never to forget.

With that, their lives are changed forever more.

Silvery Elms, The Kaleidoscope is now available on the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) website.

Praise for Silvery Elms, The Kaleidoscope:

“There’s a child’s sense of wonder in the heartbeat of this book. It speaks from the magic faraway tree of childhood. As an adult reader I read with a poignant sense of loss –the magic faraway tree is so very far away when you’re over 60! This is a book I would love to remember from my childhood –and I know that in fifty years or so there will be many children remembering its magical world with gratitude.” Peter Bishop, Founding Creative Director, Varuna, The National Writers House