on 15 February, 2016

Congratulations to Grahame Wilson

His book Under the Water under the Wire and the men who sank the Sydney was written with the guidance and encouragement of Helen Barnes-Bulley through Varuna's Writer Development Program.

From the author Grahame Wilson

In 1981, I had a serious hang gliding accident resulting in spinal injury. I was lucky to survive. Since then I have been in a wheelchair and only able to use one hand. The bulk of my writing is by speech recognition.
As I developed this story I had initial guidance and encouragement from Helen Barnes-Bulley at Varuna. This was around 2010 and our contact was via telephone conversations and emails. Regrettably any visit to Varuna was just not possible.
Later, around 2012 after many writes and re-writes I was able to submit a manuscript to Caroline Webber at Green Olive Press for comprehensive editing. She gave me enormous help. Helen Barnes-Bulley had originally suggested self-publishing and as a full member of ASA, I followed the guidelines of Authors Unlimited. I was surprised at the simplicity of using Word to configure (and test) text, images and even web links to suite my personal preferences.
This resulting 80,000 word ebook is now available on Authors Unlimited, and via the self-publishing services of Publicious: globally. This includes Amazon, iTunes and Booktopia.

Under the Water under the Wire and the men who sank the Sydney

In late 1941, the cruiser HMAS Sydney spotted a cargo ship plodding slowly off the coast of Western Australia. It was flying a Dutch flag. As the cruiser sailed close to investigate, suddenly the flag was struck and replaced by the war flag of the German Kriegsmarine. Guns immediately began firing directly at the Sydney. It was the German raider Kormoran. Soon both vessels were on fire. Later they sank.

Not one of the 645 Australians survived. The Kormoran, with a crew of 399, lost 81.

The German survivors were imprisoned in a remote part of northern Victoria. In January 1945 three years later, 20 prisoners, led by their captain Theodore Detmers tunneled their way out and escaped.

Adding to the mystery was the presence of a large German U- boat patrolling nearby off the east coast of Australia. At this late stage of the war and within days of the escape, what were the captains intentions? Later it circled New Zealand. In this account for once, the reader can explore a World War 2 conflict set in and around Australia, but largely from a German point of view.
It is not meant to glorify their actions but I hope it shows that not all our enemies, particularly those in the Kriegmarine were ruthless killers, and that there is a futility and waste of young men on both sides of war.
While I've made every effort to keep to the truth, this is dramatised history. As an ebook, there are web links that offer any curious reader the opportunity to explore and research further. As an example one link leads directly to a video of the 2 wrecks on the sea floor.

See also archived photographs and unique personal experiences on his website, Early Hot Air Ballooning in Australia  The ebook is also available through links on that site.

Below are 2 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Educational, Historical, Non-fiction, Military.

Highly recommended for anyone that likes Australian history. 1 November 2015
Wonderful story encompassing the sea battles around the Australian coastline during WW2. It is unusual to read an account from the enemies eyes and it reminds us that so many of the enemy were no different to our own troops, men with families back at home, some who had already lost their families in the war. It was also heartening to be reminded how well we treated PoW's on our shores while so many of our own PoW's were treated inhumanely. By Jo

If you really want an excellent, comprehensive 14 January 2016

If you really want an excellent, comprehensive, scholarly detailed work on what was happening in the waters around Australia during WW2, then you must purchase this book. By owning and reading this book you will get an understanding of what really happened during WW2, not what you've been told in school and history books. Very well written along with some great photos. A must buy!! By peter ellis.