Converting a Word document into a PDF

Mac & PC

Mac OS X: open your Word document in 'text editor', choose 'print', 'print to pdf', then 'save' to a folder.

Microsoft Office 2007 and later: open your Word document, choose 'save as' select 'PDF', then 'save' to a folder.

Use an Online PDF converter

  1. Browse to
  2. Select your Word document
  3. Enter you email address
  4. Make sure the output format is 'pdf'
  5. Press 'Convert'

You will receive an email link to your pdf as a zip file (you will need to unzip the file and extract the pdf). After you go to the download page to download the pdf file, it has an option to delete the file from their server.

Do a Google Search

Go to Google: add 'convert word doc to pdf free' in search box (it shows a number of links to free pdf converters). The PDF converter programs are similar to use (download the program, run it, open your Word document, choose print, select printer, select pdf program, click print and it will convert the Word document to a pdf, save to a folder).