Varuna, the Writers House Privacy Policy

Varuna, the Writers House respects your privacy:

You do not have to login or provide any information to us in order to browse this website.

If you wish to apply for one of our Residencies you will be asked to complete an online form.
In completing the form you must tell us the following:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your telephone number
  • your email address


When payment is required you will have the option of:

  • posting a cheque to Varuna;
  • providing us with your credit card details on the form so that we can charge you manually; or
  • paying online by either
    • using your PayPal account; or
    • paying with your credit card through PayPal.


If you provide your credit card details on the form we will destroy the credit card details as soon as we have manually charged you.

If you choose to pay online through PayPal, we do not see any of your PayPal account or credit card details. They are subject to PayPal's privacy policy.

So that you can make payment through PayPal, Varuna passes your information to PayPal. PayPal will ask you for your credit card details or ask you to log into your PayPal account so that you can complete your payment. Your credit card information is not passed to Varuna by PayPal and it is never entered nor stored on the Varuna website.

We will not sell or rent any information you provide to others for marketing purposes and will only disclose your information with your permission.

Varuna retains your application form (hard copy) and manuscript/submission (electronic copy) for one year and then deletes electronically stored submissions and disposes of hard copies in a responsible manner through a secure paper-recycling firm.

Your manuscript/submission will be provided to third parties (such as consultants and assessors) as part of the selection process. All Varuna selection processes are now anonymous and no personal information is available to selectors. Your name may be passed on to a publisher and/or published on our website if your manuscript is shortlisted for an award. No other personal information is passed on to any other third party.