on 30 September, 2013

Varuna Fellowships for Writing Retreats 2014 

Congratulations to those who were awarded a Fellowship Retreat in 2014!

This year's Varuna Residential Fellowships had the largest number of manuscript submissions of any round yet. A total of 170 submissions were received from applicants of all states and from diverse cultural backgrounds, whose writing ranged from poetry, short stories, novels, memoirs, biographies and non-fiction, to screenplays and even a blog.

The standard of the applications was very high and only a small proportion was able to be supported and awarded Fellowships. Four assessors read each applicant's work and the 30 Fellowships were decided upon through criteria including excellence of writing, uniqueness of voice and the ability of the writer to engage in a meaningful way with readers.

Flagship Fellowships

Mran-Maree Laing   'After the Fall'   Mick Dark Flagship Fellowship

Tamara Pearce    'Matt, Bridget and Me'    Eric Dark Flagship Fellowship

Cecily Scutt    'Inundation'     Eleanor Dark Flagship Fellowship

Peter Mitchell    'Fragments of the Lurghi'      Dorothy Hewitt Flagship Fellowship

Retreat Fellowships

Louise Allan   'Ida's Children'

Katherine Arguile   'Consuming Ayako'

Taryn Bashford   'Sassy Jam'

Chris Bell   'Prison Boy'

Vahida Berberovic    'The Loft'

Sharon Dean   'The Incredible Vanishing Banana Poet'

Jelena Dinic    'Buttons on my Dress'

Hannah Forrest   'The Girl of the Dust' 

Peter Ghin   'Two Little Dickie Birds'

Wendy Glassby   'Aibika Leaf'

Fleur Glenn  'Nina and Pearl'

Eleni Hale   'Euphoria'

Katrina Iffland   'Art of Breathing'

Inku Kang   'Mother Nation'

Isabelle Li    'Intimate Reader'

Joshua Lobb   'Remission'

Tess Pearson     'The Farm at Purnim'

Alison Quigley    'Double Trouble'

Mirandi Riwoe      'Fragrance of Night'

Sarah Schmidt   'The Dolphin'

Adrienne Tam    'Sahib the Madman'

Helen Thurloe   'The Sublimation of Azra'

Second Book Fellowships

Rebecca Edwards   'China Creek'

Martine Murray   'The Last Summer of Ada Bloom'

Lucy Neave     'Love Animals'

Edwina Shaw   'Dear Madman - In Search of the Shadow-Man and the Nature of Forgiveness'