on 31 March, 2014

Varuna is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Publisher Introduction Program Fellowships.

Thank you to the publishers from Allen and Unwin, Pan Macmillan, Picaro Press, Random House, Scribe Publishers, Text and UQP for making the selection and congratulations to the writers who will receive a fellowship. In a field of exceptional writing and story telling the choice was not an easy one.

The writers who will receive a PIP 2014 Fellowship and the Publishers who will read their work


SNAKES AND LADDERS: A Memoir by Angela Williams

A story of almost making it from the gutter to the stars – and then losing it over one small missed step, this powerfully redemptive story of criminality, addiction, and Australia’s history of socially legitimised child abuse shows that no matter how deep one may fall there is always a way to climb back out.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (short story collection) by Felicity Volk

A collection of short stories that explores the struggle to find, maintain or recover a sense of connection to person, place and self.


IN BLOOM by Rebecca Howden

In Bloom is a novella made up of closely interlinking short stories set in contemporary Melbourne about youth, love and female identity.

IN TWO MINDS by Alison Quigley

A story of madness, sadness, love and laughter set in Brisbane during the political turmoil of the 1970s.


BRINGING BILLY by Dion Teasdale

After the sudden death of her father Melbourne schoolteacher Jennifer King is sent to Bali to track down her estranged drugdealing brother, Billy, and bring him back to country Victoria in time for the funeral.

SASSY JAM (YA) by Taryn Hall Smith

Where would you go if you were forced to run away from home at the age of sixteen? She chooses to cross The Pacific on her family sailboat, but how will she survive and who will she trust?



When Abbie receives a warning from a psychic that she’s in danger she instantly dismisses him as a fraud … that is until his predictions start coming true …

IF THIS IS THE WORLD by Michael Richardson

A novel about two men caught in the violent currents of the war on terror and the terrible price each pays for torture.


THE CALL OF SALT by Catherine Noske

When a girl is raped and falls pregnant, her community takes her to be the Virgin Mary reborn, a novel about living with your past and the desperate realities of growing up in an isolated rural community.

THIS PERSON IS NOT THAT PERSON a collection of short stories by Susan McCreery

Who are we when we are with someone else?


WE ARE MANY, AND ONE by Lyn Hatherley

AN INDRAWN BREATH by Gillian Telford


The publishers are currently considering their selection. We will publish the names of the Fellowships recipients that Allen and Unwin select as soon as we are able.