Caroline Miley

Caroline was born in Europe and emigrated to Australia as a child. She has been writing ever since, although her ambition to write novels had to go on hold during a career as an art historian, during which she published articles and books on art and craft. In 2002 the polemical The Suicidal Church was published by Pluto Press. History, literature, nature and art have been longstanding passions and Caroline wholeheartedly endorses Hartley’s aphorism: ‘The past is another country. They do things differently there.’ It was reading Jane Austen that drew her attention to the Georgian era, whose fascination is that it stands on the boundary between the old and the modern worlds, a time of limitless possibilities and energy that we seem to have lost. Her debut novel The Competition, set in the art and industrial worlds of 1812, won a Varuna PIP Fellowship in 2015 and she fell in love with Varuna, the house and the garden. The Competition is due for release in November 2016.