Jo Chipperfield

In 13 years as a freelance writer and editor Jo wrote a vast array of texts including commercial advertising, magazine articles, exhibition text and tertiary education guides. She is currently a Grants Officer in the Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University. Jo has a degree in English language and literatures and a Masters in postcolonial literature; her thesis explored the short stories of Peter Carey and Robert Drewe. She also has as a postgraduate qualification in Editing and Publishing (UTS 2006) and in 2013 completed a PhD in English at the University of Sydney, where she also tutored in literature and academic writing. Her doctoral thesis used the case study of the brutal 1920s murder of an English police officer to explore the influence and significance of 'Golden Age' detective fiction narrative structures on interwar crime journalism, police reporting and early true crime. She was one of the recipients of the 2013 Varuna Publisher Program Awards for the creative non-fiction treatment of her thesis topic, and is currently working on a historical crime novel using her research. As a Varuna consultant she offers a wide ranging critical knowledge of creative non-fiction and specialises in crime writing (fiction and non-fiction).