Joanne McCarron

Joanne’s first contact with Varuna came when Peter Bishop gave a talk about Varuna at the ACT Writer’s Centre Scribble Writers Festival in 2008. Peter subsequently assessed the manuscript for her first children’s novel Silvery Elms, The Singing Stone in 2010 which she says drew to her attention qualities about herself as a writer that have influenced her ever since. Later Joanne attended the Writing for Stage and Screen Masterclass with Katherine Thomson in 2009. Her first historical fiction novel A Harp of Truest Tone was completed in 2013. Silvery Elms, The Singing Stone (2014) her first children's fairy tale and the sequel Silvery Elms, The Kaleidoscope (2015) are available on the ASA website. Joanne has illustrated both stories. The latter was developed and completed after attending the Writers Who Are Friends, Writers Who Are Hauntings and A Conversation Between Writers residencies with Peter Bishop in 2013 and 2014 respectively.