2017 Publisher Introduction Program Fellowships

Thank you to the publishers from Black Inc, Pan Macmillan, Random House, Scribe Publishers, Text, UQP and UWA Publishers for making the selection, and congratulations to the writers who will receive a fellowship.

The writers who will receive a PIP Fellowship 2017 and the Publishers who will read their work are:

Frances Chapman for her young adult novel The Dreamer of Dreams
Guitarist Taylor Donadi yearns for success, but when fame beckons she must choose between the music, and the dream.

Janet Lee for her fiction novel Burning Jane Austen's Letters
Historical fiction set in Hampshire, 1843, when Cassandra Austen is sorting and destroying Jane Austen's letters.

Michelle Marquardt for her young adult novel Always Greener
To escape starvation on a distant, hostile world, a fifteen-year-old girl must confront the terrible secrets in her community.

Fiona Reilly for her narrative non-fiction The Uncharted Kingdom
A rollicking, dangerous journey of self-discovery in search of 'The Real China', with children in tow.

Alison Gibbs for her fiction novel Repentance
A literary novel set in 1976 in the fictional town of Repentance, NSW

Scott Pearce for his fiction novel Faded Yellow By The Winter
A mythic novel about boys and men, Australian Rules Football and living off the land.

Bruce Fell for his fiction novel Love Care and Forgiveness
Terminally-ill convicted murderer, Darren Ashley Circus, reflects on the life of his official visitor, Sister Marion West.

Polly Jude for her young adult fiction novel Head Space
A young adult novel dealing with suicide and growing up

Hayley Lawrence for her young adult fiction novel Inside the Tiger
A girl from an elite Sydney boarding school writes to a Thai death row prisoner and falls for him, destroying them both.

Anne Hotta for her collection of short stories Mending Heart
In this collection of short stories set in Australia and Japan, the protagonists struggle to overcome their dilemmas.

Vera Costello