2018 Publisher Introduction Program Fellowships

Thank you to the publishers from Black Inc, Pan Macmillan, Random House, Scribe Publishers, Harper Collins, Text, UQP and UWA Publishers for making the selection, and congratulations to the writers who will receive a fellowship.

Read on to see who the writers who will receive a PIP Fellowship 2018 and the Publishers who will read their work are:

Black Inc.
Stuck by Trish Bolton
In this crime novel, a bored legal secretary helps a bereaved man solve the murder of his girlfriend, putting her life at risk.

Harper Collins
Confinement by Sarah Nesbitt
In this popular fiction novel, a new mother struggles with mental illness while her husband finds himself the pawn of a nefarious boss.

Pan Macmillan
The Phrenologist's Cabinet by Matthew Russell
A historical detective novel set in 1840s Boston.

Penguin Random House
The Skeleton Crew by Andrew Swales
A genre/literary fiction crossover about an oil rig crew stranded at sea as the world around them descends into chaos.

Hide and other stories by Su-May Tan
A short story collection about the lives of people from Malaysia, including migrants to Australia.

The Pound Pear by Rosalyn Bent
A queer novel about first loves, the importance of family and the value of meaningful work.

The Blackbirds by Ali Chigwidden
How fast do you have to run to outrun your past? A YA novel.

UWA Press
Reclaiming the Kitchen by Debra Wain
A collection of short fiction, flash fiction and vignettes about migrant women, food and culture.

Vera Costello