Copyright Agency First Nations Fellowships

Thank you to the 32 First Nations writers who submitted their work to the inaugural First Nations Writers fellowships. Our assessors Rachel Bin Salleh from Magabala Press and Dr Peter Minter from the University of Sydney spent many weeks reading these submissions, and were very impressed with the quality, range and authenticity of the work.

The four writers who have been chosen for a fellowship are:

Lisa Fuller for her fiction work Capital Punishment
Dustin Mangatjay McGregor for his non-fiction work Intersectionality of Identity
Caitlin Smith for her YA fiction novel Pilbara Moon Rising
Adam Thompson for his short stories compilation Honey & Sonny

The assessors also particularly commended the work of Tyson Yunkaporta with his essays Forever Ltd and Declan Furber Gillick with his script The Great Emu War.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the process, especially to all of the First Nations writers who took the time to apply for this fellowship.

Vera Costello