Publisher Introduction Fellowships 2020

Preparing your submission  

You will need to save your submission (cover page plus your writing sample of as much of your manuscript as you have) as a single PDF before you start the application.

Creating a Cover Page

Your cover page should include the following headings and details:

·      Name of manuscript: The name of your manuscript

·      Logline: A one-two line description of your manuscript

·      Similar to: Three published works to which you feel your manuscript is similar

·      Synopsis: A brief synopsis of the work (approx. 200 words)

·      Previous writing experience: If this includes previously published works please identify the publisher or journal (approx. 100 words)

For long-form submissions (i.e. anything other than poetry) you can open/download a sample cover page and manuscript template here, Microsoft Word format.

Formatting Your Manuscript

For all submissions other than poetry, please note the following when formatting your work:

·      Fonts: Submitted work should be in English, typed in Times New Roman (font size 12), double-spaced and with generous margins of 3 cm on both left and right.

·      Spacing: When work is double-spaced, it can be hard discerning where one paragraph ends and another begins. For this reason, we stress the importance of indenting the first line of each new paragraph (you can set up the style in Word to do this automatically). New paragraphs should also be used for each new speaker of dialogue.

·      Justification: Paragraphs should not be right-hand justified, as this makes the manuscript harder for our assessors to read.

·      Headers: Include an identifying title and the page number on the top-right corner of each page.

·      Editing: Please do take the time to check your manuscript carefully for spelling and grammatical errors. If you require assistance with this process, Varuna can put you in touch with professional editorial services.

As we assess submissions 'blind' it is very important that you do not include your name or identifying details on any portion of your submission.

Saving your Word file as a PDF document

You will need to save your submission as a single PDF document. Please use the name of your manuscript as the PDF submission name, ensuring the name of the file is 25 characters or less. To convert your Word file to a PDF file: Go to File (on Microsoft Word), Select PDF as your file format, then select ‘Save as’ with the name of your submission. 

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