Sara Rena Vidal

Sara Vidal was born in a refugee camp in late 1945 and came to Melbourne early in 1949, graduated BARCH Melbourne University (1968), joined the Victorian Public Service (1979 -1993) (Project Manager Housing Upgrade (1979-1985), Manager Environmental Health Standards (1985 – 1993)). She began this memoir in 1992, at a time of holocaust denial, with a sense of responsibility to the aging survivor generation. In 2000, after the death of her husband, as a mature age student at the University of Melbourne, she completed several subjects in history and philosophy. In 2001, as Manager Wendouree West Neighborhood Renewal, Ballarat, she established the framework and committee structure for this landmark project. Her prior and subsequent positions in the private sector include work as an architect, human resources consultant, and consultant for not-for-profit organisations. Several of her drawings and paintings are part of a permanent exhibition, ‘Out of the Dark’, 2009 at The Dax Centre Melbourne. Retired since mid-2014, she lives with her partner in Williamstown, helps care for her 93-year-old mother, enjoys and helps out with four grandchildren, and continues to research and write.