Val Carter

Val Carter was born in the wheatbelt town of Meckering, Western Australia, in 1935. Valma (Val) Shehan grew upon the family wheat and sheep farm with three brothers. Her education started at the small North Meckering School, where there were never more than fourteen students till the end of the Second World War, when a school bus was provided for children to attend the bigger Meckering school. Her three years of secondary education were spent at a Catholic boarding school in Fremantle. In 1956, Val married a local farmer, Ron Carter. Together they raised five children while they spent many years developing and moving to their property Four Corners, twenty -five miles west of Badgingarra. 

Val was widowed in 1996 after she and Ron had retired to Mandurah. Since then Val has doggedly stuck to the task of finally completing this publication, A Piece of Good Land, after attending a Writer Development Residency Program in April 2015. The Memoir was published and launched in October 2016.