Varuna Travel Assistance Fund

The Varuna Travel Assistance Fund is an initiative of Varuna to assist writers facing financial hardship with the costs of travelling to Varuna. For eligible writers, Varuna will contribute 50 per cent of travel expenses, up to a maximum of $300.

Application Guidelines

• Applications must be submitted using the Varuna Travel Assistance Form.
• Applications must be submitted at least one month before you are booked to stay at Varuna. You will generally receive a reply within 14 days as to whether your travel assistance has been approved.

Travel costs include:
• Bus, train or aeroplane tickets
• Taxi fares
• 50 cents per kilometre for distance travelled in a personal vehicle.

Guidelines for submitting receipts will be sent to you upon approval of your travel assistance. Note however that you will only be reimbursed upon submitting receipts to Varuna showing payment for travel expenses; travel expenses cannot be reimbursed in advance.


• You must be a current holder of an Australian Health Care Card or a Low Income Health Care Card.
• You must live more than 100 kilometres from Canberra, Brisbane or Melbourne, and more than 300 kilometres away from Varuna, or live in South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania.
• You must either be attending Varuna on a Varuna Residential Fellowship for Writers, with the Publisher Introduction Program, or you must be a current alumni member.

Application Form

To apply, please complete the Varuna Travel Assistance Form - following instructions on the form.